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Swim Goggles

Triathlete Sports has a huge selection of goggles and masks to suit all of your swim needs! With so many to choose from, selecting the right pair for you can be difficult. Here are a few things to consider. What are you going to use your goggles for? Competitive swimmers need low profile, racing goggles that are hydrodynamic and fit within the contours of the eye socket. Open water swimmers and triathletes need a larger goggle with better peripheral vision for sighting in the water. Different goggles have different gaskets (the part of the goggle that touches your face). The gasket prevents water from entering the goggle and on some triathlon goggles provides cushioning in case you get hit/kicked in the face. Most goggles have silicone gaskets, but some are made of foam or rubber. Another important aspect in goggle selection is the lens. Certain colored lenses are better for certain lighting conditions. Clear lenses are the most popular, they don't alter your vision, and are ideal for indoor pools and low lighting conditions. Tinted lenses are ideal for bright conditions and don't distort colors. Mirrored or blue lenses actually reduce surface glare, while amber and red lenses provide contrast. Many open water/triathlon goggles are now available in polarized lenses which eliminate even more surface glare, to aid in sighting on sunny days. No matter what your goggle needs are, Triathlete Sports has a pair that is just right for you!