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The Fistglove Stroke Trainer

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Product Description

The FistGlove Stroke Trainer is essential in improving technique, and the ability to work with the water, using more finesse and less brute strength. Proprioceptors (specialized nerve endings) in our joints, muscles, and skin give us constantly updated information on how our joints are angled, how fast were moving our limbs, how our arms and legs are positioned, and the pressure of the water against various body parts. This wealth of feedback can overwhelm us if we cant process it or can help us achieve balance and flow if we learn to organize it and use it correctly. Fistgloves help us do that.
  • Each package comes with 2 gloves
  • Latex
  • Enhances feel for water
  • Helps with: 
    • discriminating how you apply hands to the water
    • choose angles that give maximum purchase on a highly elusive medium
    • sensitive to the importance of "gripping" the water instead of "slipping" through it.

Suggested Use:
  • In an hour of mainly-drill practice: wear for 40 minutes (As you increase the amount of swimming, you might switch to a 50:50 ratio of gloves to bare hands.)
  • Competitive swimmers in training: 70% of the time in early season, gradually reducing that ratio to 30% or less in mid-season,
  • Novice swimmer: 70% to 80% of the time
  • Intermediate swimmer: 50% to 70% of the time
  • Advanced or elite swimmer: 30% to 50%. of the time
  • Fistglove use in taper to 50% or more. During taper, the gloves will reduce stress and fatigue and increase sensitivity and kinesethetic awareness.

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