110% Compression Kick Back Quad Sleeves Pair - 2015

110 Percent
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110% Compression + Ice Anytime, Anywhere.
New Kick Back Quad Sleeves give you the flexibility to add the power of 110% Compression + Ice to any of your favorite gear. Easy to slip on, Kick Back Quad Sleeves provide a convenient way to add the performance enhancing power of compression and recovery benefits of ice whenever and wherever you Play Harder. 

3 Reasons to Kick it Up

  • Kick Start Your Performance - Tap the explosive power of your upper legs with muscle stabilizing compression that reduces vibration, increases circulation and improves performance and endurance.
  • Kick Start Your Recovery - Post workout, reusable ice inserts strategically placed in Kick Back's 360 degree pockets accelerate recovery; Kick Back helps you repair muscles and minimize soreness by improving circulation and reducing inflammation.
  • Kick Back Injuries - Combining the benefits of compression and 360 degrees of targeted ice therapy Kick Back Quad Sleeves provide the easiest way to apply R.I.C.E. therapy to the upper legs.