110% Men's Juggler Compression Knickers

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JUGGLER KNICKERS strike a perfect balance giving athletes the freedom of a mobile ice bath with the appeal of a capri length. Targeting the lower body, Juggler Knickers leave the shins, calves and ankles free with the option to add Double Life Shin/Calf Sleeves for the most customized lower body compression + ice system available to athletes today.

  • ZONED COMPRESSION: 110% Compression + Ice products feature high compression zones that stabilize muscles and reduce vibration, and lower compression zones that allow muscles to expand.
  • GRADIENT COMPRESSION: 110% Compression + Ice products feature gradient compression of 15 to mmhg to 24 mmhg forcing blood flow back to the heart for improved circulation.
  • BUILT IN POCKETS FOR ICING: 110% Compression + Ice products feature strategically placed icing pockets that target the main muscles without compromising the fit (or the look they blend right in!)
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN: The 110% Compression + Ice products are constructed as double layered single garments and the seamless design is what delivers the zoned, gradient compression for maximum performance and ultimate comfort.
  • TECHNICAL FABRIC: The 110% Compression + Ice products are made from two layers of 360-degree 4 way stretch knit polypropylene (we know, its a mouthful but its really important). Our performance fabric provides ultimate flexibility while keeping its strength and shape and is spun using moisture wicking antimicrobial Silver Tech fibers shown to destroy 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria.
  • REUSABLE ICE INSERTS: 110% Compression + Ice products come with reusable, flexible, non-toxic ice inserts. 110% Ice Inserts can be cut to any size for a customized fit, and double as heat therapy when needed.
  • THERMAL BAG: 110% Compression + Ice products are packaged in a reusable thermal bag that keeps ice inserts cold for up to 6 hours, creating a completely mobile compression + ice recovery system.

Why should you choose 110% Compression Gear?

  • MOBILE ICE BATH: 110% Compression + Ice products come in their own cooler. Ice inserts stay cold for up to six hours in the thermal bag, giving athletes simple, mobile recovery anytime, anywhere.
  • SMART PREPARATION: Zoned, gradient compression helps prepare the body to perform at its very best by reducing swelling and increasing circulation.
  • ACTIVE RECOVERY: The powerful combination of zoned, gradient compression and ice therapy delivered in a garment you can wear while remaining active means faster recovery between training sessions, improved performance and decreased chance of injury.
  • FASTER HEALING: Compression and ice is the best treatment for overuse injuries. Combining two therapies in one simple, mobile recovery tool, 110% Compression + Ice products provide the hassle free way to comply with RICE therapy: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.