2XU Women's Comp Cycle Top

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The zoning of 3 highly functional SMD fabrics ensure a cycle shirt that manages moisture like no other. Other features include UV protection, permanent anti-bacterial treatment via nano silver technology and a longer 25cm invisible zip to manage your micro climate.

Feature Spotlight

  • SMD Cool High filament fine gauge denier graded technology for increased comfort
  • Raglan Sleeve Seamless paneling for increased comfort
  • SMD Mesh Extreme moisture management + denier graded technology
  • Fitted Pockets Storage for all essentials
  • SMD Silver Silver nano technology for no smell + thermal regulation 

These Super Micro Denier graded moisture transfer fabrics are an exclusive collection, each one providing variable graded construction, utilizing cross-section micro-filament yarns to enhance one-way capillary action for the life of the garment. SMD is ultimate moisture management.

All SMD Fabrics Offer 

  • Denier Grading - two layer structure with inside yarn being a lower denier yarn and the outside offering a high denier yarn which draws moisture through capillary/osmosis process.
  • Channeled (cross-section) Yarn to enhance the capillary action and reduce fabric clinging to the body.
  • Micro Polyester Yarn which adds comfort and allows moisture to be channeled more effectively due to the high density of filaments in each yarn.
  • All polyester (synthetic) fabrics offer moisture transfer however our SMD family has looked into every facet from the filaments to yarns to construction for long life unrivaled performance.
SMD Mesh
  • Mesh/Waffle construction - better airflow to aid evaporation and keep your body at optimal temperature.
  • Lightweight, so you feel race ready - comfortable and fast.