2XU Women's R:2 Race Wetsuit

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The 2XU WOMEN'S R:2 RACE WETSUIT utilizes 2XU's new silicone glide skin (SGS) coating plus new generation neoprene foam technology across the entire suit, the R:2 also features 3D print catch panels for greater distance per stroke and 2XU's proprietary rollbar for enhanced body positioning, floating zip panels for increased flexibility and velocity strakes, which channel water for greater water stability resulting in less sideways movement in choppy conditions. In still conditions offering a channeling water process for greater lift and cleaner water flow movement resulting in more speed through the water. for clearer tracking through water. Engineered from world class materials, the R:2 also comes with 1.5 mm underarm/shoulder paneling for maximum flexibility and a 5mm front buoyancy panel. With a 2 yr warranty and the price of a mid-level suit, the R:2 represents exceptional value.

  • SGS Coating-silicone hydro coating=max buoyancy 
  • Velocity Strakes-Hydrodynamic stability
  • 3D print catch panels=more distance per stroke (located on forearms)
  • Seamless shoulder/arm panel-1.5mm thick
  • 520% stretch lining-enhanced flexibility
  • Floating zip panel=more distance per stroke
  • Rollbar technology-Improved core buoyancy, better body position
  • 5 women's specific sizes-guarantee a great fit
  • 2 year warranty

Fabric: Silicone glide skin coating, foam neoprene
Sizes: S-XL
     Black/Della Blue Piping