2XU Women's SC:3 Sleeveless Wetsuit

2XU Women's SC:3 Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The 2XU Women's SC:3 Sleeveless Wetsuit features the highlights of the C: line with an entry level price tag. Featuring quality Yamamoto neoprene throughout and premium 39 cell Yamamoto rubber at the flex points, the 2XU Women's SC:3 Sleeveless Wetsuit has performance materials at a cost only 2XU can provide. 

2XU Women's SC:3 Sleeveless Wetsuit Features:


  • Using Yamamoto neoprene with SCS coating, 2XU has provided optimal buoyancy for less body in the water and therefore less wetted surface area and faster overall speed.
  • SCS coating which drastically reduces water resistance / friction (f = 0.032).
  • 2XU has engineered a wetsuit with the optimum chest / hip buoyancy balance.  Synchronizing hip and chest buoyancy through the front panel cut.  Without this formula, hip or chest submersion can occur throwing out your body position and stroke, bringing into play both inefficient technique and the usage of untrained muscles.
  • The hydrodynamic flow over the front of the wetsuit is interrupted by seams, so 2XU has engineered a one piece design from the neck to the knee for reduced drag and increased speed through the water.


  • Industry first Rollbar region improves boyancy in the core for better body position when the body rolls off the front panel.  This ultimately facilitates higher body position and hip position in the water for greater speed and power.


  • The upper leg region (of seamless front panel) is serviced by the most buoyant neoprene available - nano SCS 5mm 39 cell neoprene.
  • The lower legs have a reduced 3mm panel structure to help with the run up the beach.
  • Quick release leg cut for faster suit removal.


  • Fundamental panels many other wetsuit brands underestimate.  2XU has engineered a back panel strong enough to contain a rigid zip and withstand the punishment of ongoing use in addition to being flexible enough to interact with the underarm panel for floatation.  This is achieved by the one piece floating zip panel.  No seams for less restriction.


  • These two panels are all about maximizing buoyancy, while having an anatomical fit to prevent water pooling in this region.
  • 39 cell SCS neoprene for maximum buoyancy an backing which holds its shape and support in a region where most of the stroke's power originates.
  • Featuring materials which compress the muscles in the buttock and upper leg for greater muscle stability and reduced fatigue.
  • Crotch panel with a slightly thinner thickness for enhanced run up the beach through greater flexibility.


  • The neckline balances tension to minimize water intake and chafing.
  • Neckline is finished with an adjustable collar fastening system for personalization of the fit. 
  • Seamless front construction for less drag.
  • Only one seam on the inside for less risk of chafing.


  • Manufactured from reliable, light and powerful material, positioned behind the back panel lapels to reduce water intake and deliver speed.


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