All-City Gonzo Perforated Leather Saddle - 2019

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Price: $59.00


Find yourself waiting for the next hill just so you can get out of the saddle for a while? All-City saddles are lightly padded with a perforated leather upper for maximum comfort, so you won't have to cut any more rides short from saddle sores. They come in a variety of colors which is always a good thing, and combined with a neutral styling that means they'll look good on pretty much anything you can fit the rails to. Slap it on your conversion, toss it on a Big Block, or gently nuzzle it onto your carbon fiber speed machine. Whatever the case, it's gonna look good and you're gonna feel good.

  • Genuine perforated leather
  • CrN/Ti rails
  • All-City Gonzo Saddles. Neutral shape, genuine leather top with totally sweet perforations, and CrN/Ti alloy rails, and a modest price tag.
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