ATI Newtron Grip

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The ATI Newtron grips are also made of their Newtron rubber compound and designed for "all climate conditions". The grip is similar to the Iso-Grip, it is thin walled for use with or without gloves. The inner end has a deep groove for wire or zip tie fastening to the handlebar and the ends are extra thick to prevent the grip end from ripping in a fall. The palm area is where they differ. The Newtron grip palm area is again recessed, but instead of using small raised points , the Newtron grip has linked round bumps that are 6mm in diameter. The larger bumps give more surface to grip, while there is still give to each of them to cushion the ride. The bumps provide some area for water to run off the grip yet there is a large contact area. The weight of the Newtron grips is 76 grams per pair, and have a durometer hardness of A/46. They are 4.7 inches long and made in Black only. Made in USA.