Avid Juicy Rear Disc Set

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The All-New Juicy Five. Or, As The Competition Calls It, "Dang!"
Meet the newest member of the Juicy family. The Avid Juicy Rear Disc Set.

Juicys work with your hand...not against it. Other hydraulic levers are designed with a high X Factor (thats the distance from the center of the handle bar to the pivot), which means the arc of the levers path actually moves in and away from your hands natural movement. All Juicys have the lowest X Factor on the market, so the lever moves comfortably, powerfully, right in line with the direction of your hand. Seems like a small thing, but wait until you ride with a pair.

And thats just one of the things the Juicy Five has going for it. When you choose a Juicy, you also get 100% ambidextrosity, thanks to our patent pending bar clamp.

And of course, you get Avids Tri-Align Caliper Positioning System, which makes aligning the caliper about as easy as falling off a log. Basically, youre looking at a hydraulic brake that does everything you ever wanted, with a splash of Avid smarts.

Includes: Rear Caliper, Rear Rotor, and Rear Brake Lever.