Blackburn FLEA 2.0 Combo Front + Rear USB Rechargeable Lights

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The Blackburn FLEA 2.0 Combo Front + Rear USB Rechargeable Lights is a compact design that features innovative technologies that help take your mind off the gauges and let you focus on the ride. The LED battery fuel gauge/charging indicator is cleverly integrated into the power button. Now you no longer have to guess how much battery life is left, just follow the simple color code. Green = 100% - 75%; Orange = 75% - 25%; Red = 25% - 0%, The Patented Magnetic Power Adjustment works by an electrical current passing through the magnets, allowing for a compact and watertight connection. In the case of the Flea lights, it allows for mounting in both horizontal and vertical USB ports.

  • Ultra compact rechargeable Li-Ion light
  • FLEA Front - 4 Super bright white Nichia LEDs
  • FLEA Rear - 4 Super bright red LEDs
  • FLEA Front - 40 Lumen output
  • Magnetic USB smart charger
  • Flexible and compact mounting system
  • Standard, overdrive and flash modes
  • FLEA Front - 1hr High, 3hr Standard, 5hr Flashing runtimes
  • FLEA Rear - 6hr Steady, 12hr flashing runtimes
  • LED fuel gauge/charge indicator