Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit

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Introducing, the Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit. With over 85% of triathlon competitors coming from a running, cycling or other sport background, Blue Seventy recognizes that many athletes possess a denser leg make up due to well-exercised and established thigh muscles and dense calves. Heavier legs leave the majority of triathletes at a distinct disadvantage in the first discipline. With the Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit, Blue Seventy's goal is to give the world a faster swimming experience, so the Axis suit has been developed with the focus on centralizing buoyancy and balancing out the buoyancy zones.

The body has a large buoyancy zone in the torso, two big air bags we know as the lungs! With such substantial natural flotation it makes sense for those with a buoyancy centered on the upper body, to focus the additional suit buoyancy in the lower extremities. With the Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit, that's just what they did. By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg the goal of Balanced Buoyancy is achieved. By increasing the height of the lower body and lifting the legs and hips, the body is in a more streamlined position allowing for a more efficient swim stroke.

Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit Features:

  • Balanced Buoyancy for increased body alignment and performance delivered through anatomically located blue seventy 'molecular neoprene', designed to deliver superior buoyancy over typical neoprene
  • Increased feel of the water and propulsion with forearm propulsion panels
  • Anatomically correct 380-flex reach panels for maximum flexibility and arm detachment from the main body
  • Low friction neck to promote comfort and increase sighting comfort
  • Easy release ankle system for faster transitions