BodyGlide Anti-Friction SPF Sun Formula - 2020

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BODYGLIDE Sun Formula was the first to uniquely combine anti-friction features with benefits of SPF 25 sunscreen. Sun Formula is a true multi-use product. It can help protect your skin against painful effects of rubbing while also protecting your skin from the sun. Sun Formula is technically advanced to help stay in place long after other sun products have evaporated, melted or dripped from the surface of your skin. It creates a soft, invisible barrier that stands up to heat, moisture (including fresh and salt water), cold and wind, to help guard your skin against rubbing (friction) and sun. As with any sun product, it should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before skin is exposed to sun, and again, after swimming.

  • SPF 25
  • Original Anti-Chafe Formula w/ SPF
  • Can be used just as sunscreen
  • Stands up to heat, cold, wind, moisture, and water (fresh/salt)

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