Brave Soldier Crash Paks - 2018

Brave Soldier
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The Brave Soldier Crash Pak kit contains everything you need to effectively treat a common road rash injury immediately after crashing. Proper use of this kit helps prevent abrasions from healing with dirt and debris embedded in the wound.

Formula Notes:
Skin abrasions, cuts, and blisters. Brave Soldier Crash Paks is the all-inclusive kit for any outdoor active individual. Crash Paks contains the essentials needed to effectively treat small and large skin wounds, road rash injuries, and skin scrapes. Properly treat up to 4 wounds with this lightweight, resealable, and waterproof kit. Compact packaging stows away perfectly in any jersey pocket or backpack.

Kit Includes:
Antiseptic Ointment; 4x3 non-adhering wound dressing (2); 3x3 general use surgical sponges (2); 6 stretch net burn gauze (2); 4x2 bandages (2); 1X3 bandages (2); Butterfly cut closures (2); Betadine antiseptic pads (2); Antiseptic towelettes (2); Advil Pain Relief Tablets (2); Road Rash Treatment guide; and all are conveniently tucked away in our waterproof 6x8 Mylar bag.