Camelbak Sustain Electrolyte Hydration Supplement Tear Sticks - 15 Servings

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CamelBak Sustain turns water into a refreshing hydration drink that provides electrolytes, vitamins and minerals your body thirsts for during exercise. Over 70% of our muscles, lungs, and heart are made up of water. That’s why performance suffers as we lose fluids and electrolytes. Sustain Tear Sticks are designed to balance your hydration and electrolytes for optimal performance so you can maintain your peak performance.

A unique blend of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to help the body maintain fluid balance.

Easy to use. Simply empty tear stick contents into 16 oz of water and shake to mix (6 sticks for 100 oz. reservoir).

Easy to clean, sugar-free formula leaves no sugary residue that may promote bacterial growth. Reservoir or bottle rinses out using standard cleaning practices.

Sugar-free formula ensures appropriate hydration for optimal performance maintenance– no sugar rush followed by a sugar crash.

Great-tasting formulas promote hydration and masks treated water– makes potable water more palatable.

Made in the USA