DeSoto Arm Cooler with Palm Cooling Technology

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In 2004, De Soto took Kona by storm by introducing the Arm Cooler™. Now De Soto has reinvented it as the Palm Cooler™: the original Arm Cooler™ with palm cooling technology.

Backed by medical research proving that cooling the palms and wrists results slows the rising of core body temperature, reduces onset of fatigue, and accelerates recovery time.

De Soto is the first to introduce this new version of Arm Cooler with a pocket system that covers almost the entire hand. The design doubles the amount of fabric into a pocket around the hand where you can insert ice or sponges, and blocks even more sun while reaping the aforementioned benefits.

Made of De Soto Skin Cooler fabric, it is breathable and dissipates moisture creating a cooling effect. Palm Coolers™ are easy to put on by rolling down the upper arms, slipping in the hands, and rolling back up the arms.