DeSoto Mens Carrera Tri Jersey

De Soto
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The DeSoto Men's Carrera Tri Jersey is made of Carrera Skin, a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric that keeps its support and fit even when wet. The  panels in this jersey are a unique mesh/spandex blend, called Liquid Mesh, that does not deform or lose its elasticity when wet, it also has a very low drag coefficient making it perfect for racing. The cut of the jersey is long enough to cover your abdomen and the 3 back pockets with new seamlines help keep your gear in place. This jersey absorbs minimal water and the high-cut neck is designed to be even more aerodynamic. 

Not designed for repeated use in a chlorinated pool

  • Fabric: Carrera Skin, Liquid Mesh
  • 1.5" longer in front and 2.5" longer in back compared to Carrera Tri Top
  • 12" zipper
  • Microlock stitch
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large
  • Colors: Black, Orange, Red, Royal