DeSoto T1 First Wave Concept 5 Pullover - 2017

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  • DeSoto T1 First Wave Concept 5 Pullover
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  • This pullover combines the flexible 2mm body found in the First Wave Pullover with thick 5mm arms from the triceps to the wrists
  • The 5mm thickness increases buoyancy by maximizing glide floatation
  • The 5mm arms also increases the surface area of the arm by adding over 3.5sq. in. (2300sq. mm) of surface area (over a 2mm arm) to pull you through the water. This equates to adding two additional fingers of surface area to each of your hands.
  • Low neckline to reduce the likelihood of chafing and to ease sighting in open water
  • BIO-STROKE design puts your arms into a forward rotated shoulder position for a more efficient swim stroke
  • YKK Custom Zipper is the smallest and lightest and makes removal easier
  • GreenGoma Limestone Derivative Rubber similar to Yamamoto #39 Super Composite Skin makes the First Wave the warmest, fastest, most durable, the most flexible, the most buoyant, and the most comfortable wetsuit in the world today.
  • New Graphics
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