DeSoto T1 First Wave Concept 5 Pullover

De Soto
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  • This pullover combines the flexible 2mm body found in the First Wave Pullover with thick 5mm arms from the triceps to the wrists...bigger arms, bigger paddles, most speed!
  • The 5mm thickness increases buoyancy by maximizing glide flotation.
  • The 5mm arms also increases the surface area of the arm by adding over 3.5 sq. in. of surface area to pull you through the water.  This equates to adding two additional fingers of surface area to each of your hands.
  • Low neckline to reduce the likelihood of chafing and to ease sighting in open water.
  • BIO-STROKE design puts your arms into a forward rotated shoulder position for a more efficient swim stroke.
  • YKK Custom Zipper is the smallest and lightest and makes removal easier.
  • Sleek graphics to match the First Wave Bibjohn.