Finis Tech Toc - 2017

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The Finis Tech Toc is a friendly, introductory product to hip training. It can be used by any age group for any swim distance. Use it for all or just a portion of your workout. It is especially valuable when you are tired, since it ensures successful hip rotation at the point when youre most likely to suffer degradation in performance. 

The Tech Toc is the only device that allows swimmers to gauge the position of their hips with relation to their hand and body position using sound and feel. The Tech Toc utilizes a ball bearing inside of a plastic capsule containing amplifiers at each end. The device allows swimmers to hear, as well as feel the rhythm and pace of their stroke pattern and technique. It is a swimmers metronome that synchronizes the entire range of body movements that make up a complete stroke. 

As the ball hits the amplifier at each end of the capsule, it provides the swimmer audible feedback on their hip rotation and movement. Additionally, the coach can see a visual reference and hear an audible noise to monitor the hip rotation in relation to the hand and body position.