Garmin Edge 605

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Add maps and find motivation with the Garmin Edge 605. This GPS-enabled cycle computer comes loaded with everything you need to make the most out of your ride. Get cycle computer data and mapping detail, all from one compact, easy-to-use device. You can even store, analyze and share your stats for the world to see with Garmins online training community. With a color display and ultra-cool training features, the Garmin Edge 605 has it all.

Navigate Your Ride 

Lose yourself in the ride without losing your way. The Garmin Edge 605 comes with a built-in basemap, plus it has a microSD card slot for adding map detail and storing workouts, courses and saved rides. Just plug in optional, detailed MapSource City Navigator street maps on a preloaded data card and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal. Add optional topo mapping for your off-road adventures. Edge snaps easily into the included bike mount to guide you to your destination. 

Get the Data You Need 

The rugged Garmin Edge 605 automatically measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned and altitude. For even more detailed data, get the Garmin Edge 705, which can track your heart rate, cadence, power (from optional ANT+-enabled third-party power meters), climb and descent. Both feature a high-sensitivity receiver that holds a signal under trees and near tall buildings and have a click stick for easy screen navigation. 

Like the rest of the Garmin Edge family, the Garmin Edge 605 comes with lots of cool features to keep you on top of your ride:

  • Virtual Partner lets you race a virtual competitor over a specified distance and speed.
  • Courses let you race against a previously recorded workout, so you can compare your current and past performances over the same ride.
  • Auto Pause pauses the timer when you slow down or stop and resumes when you speed up again, so you can focus on your ride.
  • Auto Lap automatically starts a new lap each time you pass a specified location or travel a preset distance.