Gu Electrolyte Brew Drink Mix

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GU Electrolyte Brew is water's new best friend.  The fact is, when you work out you sweat more than just water.  So when you drink you gotta have a special Brew with the right amounts of sodium, potassium and carbohydrates to bring your system back into balance.  Used consistently, Gu Brew will help you perform better and go longer. 

No gimmicky additves here.  GU Brew is simple as they come - with just a handful of key ingredients.  Complex and simple carbs in optimal balance, vital electrolytes at the proper levels for intense exercise, and all-natural flavors.  Simple.  This means the product is easy on your stomach and will keep you focused on reaching your goals in training and racing.

Great flavors and not too sweet!  If you are looking for a sugar bomb, look elsewhere.  Loyal GU athletes rave about the lightly sweet taste of our Electrolyte Brew.