HED Jet C2 700c Clincher Front

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Like the standard Jet, only way better. 
The new version is built on our C2 rim extrusion. C2 is alloyed with Scandium, which makes it lighter than the old version, which is nice; but what really excites us is what a wider rim does to the tire.
On a 23mm wide rim, the tire beads are farther apart and the tire profile is shorter and rounder. Put a 20 or (especially) a 23mm tire on a 19mm rim and the resulting profile looks more or less like a lightbulb. Even with an aero rim behind it, the wind still "sees" a bulb at both ends of the wheel. On the C2 wheels, a 20mm tire looks like a bullet, and even a 23 does not hang over the brake surface. The wind "sees" a smoother shape. The result is that you are faster.