HydroTail H.5 Hydration System

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The HydroTail H.5 Hydration System is the newest HydroTail made form Aircraft Grade Aluminum, an extremely light weight water bottle cage holder, designed from the ground up to surpass current rear hydration systems in weight, aerodynamics and ease of use. By using the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel it was determined, and the HydroTail H.5 Hydration System modified to achieve, an increase in overall speed to that of 1:30 to 2 min per hour when compared to the leading rear hydration company's products.

This model has threaded inserts for easy installation, and has two mounts for cages.

The Aircraft Aluminum properties also enable the unit to absorb some energy so as to not launch your water bottle. The user is also able to more easily grab their bottle by reaching to the side rather than behind them which makes drinking that much easier.

The HydroTail H.5 Hydration System now has three positions which you can dial your water bottle to for easier reach. An industry first is that the device can accommodate 2 water bottles (standard) or an ultra fast single bottle set up. For the thirsty cyclist a 3rd bottle can be added as well or straps applied to hold your spare tire and Co2. **Hydrotail comes with a Free Tire Strap. Does not include seat post, saddle, or water bottle cages.