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Get the latest compression socks here at Triathlete Sports.  Why compression socks?  Compression socks are constructed to target specific muscles and prevents them from vibrating, allowing for decreased chance of injury, while the compressive arch support promotes blood flow out of the foot to reduce fatigue.  

The recovery compression socks help to drastically reduce lactic acid build-up, the leading cause of cramps and soreness.  Help reduce the stress on your legs, get a pair of compression socks at Triathlete Sports.

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  • 2XU Recovery Compression Socks 2XU Recovery Compression Socks - Back 2XU Recovery Compression Socks - Size Chart

    2XU Recovery Compression Socks - 2021

    The Compression Socks for Recovery offer powerful compression to help your muscles repair and recover following intense activity. Graduated compression promotes circulation through the lower limbs and improves venous return to relieve...

  • 110% Mercury Race Sock

    110% Mercury Race Sock - 2021

    Engineered for recovery and performance, Mercurys gradient compression enhances circulation while the unique design protects athletes legs from the wear and tear of long tough workouts. The roomier toe, arch support and non-binding top band make them...

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    Feetures! Plantar + Calf Sleeve - Pair

    Feetures! Plantar + Calf Sleeve - Pair

    Combining our patent-pending FS6 technology with our graduated calf sleeve, the Plantar + Calf Sleeve relieves lower extremity pain while supporting the calf for enhanced performance and decreased fatigue. The sleeve can be worn during running or...

    MSRP: $59.99
    Was: $59.99
    Now: $23.95
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    Feetures! Graduated Compression Socks Light Cushion

    Feetures! Graduated Compression Socks Light Cushion - 2016

    Feetures! Graduated Compression Socks incorporate all advantages of Feetures! Elite technology to give runners a superior compression sock with an unsurpassed fit. Perfect for warming up, performing or recovering. Features 18-22mHg of compression at...

    MSRP: $49.99
    Was: $49.99
    Now: $19.95
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