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Swimskins provide an extra boost of hydrodynamic speed during the swim portion of a non-wetsuit legal triathlon race. These garments help to shave valuable time when the water is too warm to wear a wetsuit. They are to be worn over your triathlon clothing and removed after the swim portion of the race. They are made from thin, non-buoyant materials and fit tightly to reduce drag, saving you time and effort with each stroke. Triathlete Sports has many swimskin options to suit all of your race needs.

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  • Blue Seventy Men's PZ2TX Swimskin Blue Seventy Men's PZ2TX Swimskin - Back

    Blue Seventy Men's PZ2TX Swimskin - 2021

    Go Fast Suit We obsess over details. So while the PZ4TX features the very best in design and technology, the PZ2TX simplifies the swimskin. Hydrophobic fabrics with welded seams reduce surface drag. Biomechanically engineered compressive properties...

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