Nineteen Men's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The ultimate sleeveless wetsuit.  Incorporating all the outstanding features of the Frequency fullsuit, the Nineteen Men's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit is the perfect complement for warm-water racing.

The Nineteen Men's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit is all new from the inside out.  By using the absolute highest end Yamamoto Cell 40 rubber in Nineteen's acclaimed WingSpan System and a new super-high stretch jersey throughout, the suit that wowed triathletes at wetsuit demos across North America is now even faster.  Experience how the Nineteen Men's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit's unique design maximizes flexibility in the upper body and optimizes buoyancy in the hips and legs, delivering what you need where you need it.

The feature that really sets Nineteen's wetsuits apart is their awesome Wing Span system, a feature that is epitomized in the Frequency. The flexibility offered by the 1.5 mm Yamamoto #40 Neoprene underarm/lat panels is so substantial that, more than not being a hindrance, it really feels like the Frequency wants you to swim fast. The panels being shaped so as to encourage your stroke, anybody upgrading to the Nineteen Men's Frequency Fullsleeve wetsuit will notice an immediate improvement. You'll never meet a more comfortable wetsuit.

Nineteen's unique Uncollar provides relief from the all too common choking feeling that so plagues the wetsuit community. The Nineteen Frequency's specially designed neck reduces or eliminates chafing and a super stretchy collar ensures that the suit works with you and not against you - a triathlete that can't breathe can't swim.

Nineteen Men's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit primary features:

  • PT BUOYANCY PANEL - Our speedline SCS Nano Neoprene is so stretchy that it allows us to employ a massive 5mm panel to prevent your hips from sinking.  This helps position you in an optimal "downhill" swimming position which will lower your swim times.
  • EASYOFF LEGS - The key feature on the Frequency's EasyOff Legs is the 2mm super-stretch panel that covers your entire calf.  This ensures that the legs pop off quickly in transition making the Frequency not just fast in the water, but also fast on the land!
  • UNCOLLAR - The Nineteen UnCollar will make you forget that you even have a wetsuit on and prevents the dreaded wetsuit hickey!
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