Nineteen Women's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The Nineteen Women's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit has unbelievable speed. If you are ready to step up to your fastest swim times ever, you are ready for the Frequency. Designed from the ground up as the wetsuit to swim fast in, the Frequency flies through the water at speeds you have to experience to believe. We pulled out all the stops to design the fastest wetsuit ever! In race after race, and test after test, we have been proven right. The Nineteen Women's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit is made with Speedline SCS Nano Neoprene, the Frequency is designed to maximize flexibility in the upper body, and optimize buoyancy in the hips and legs. With the most 1.5mm and the most 5mm neoprene of any suit on the market the Frequency delivers what you need, where you need it.

Nineteen Women's Frequency Sleeveless Wetsuit Features:

  • Wingspan System - Our new Wingspan System is a completely new and revolutionary torso pattern that delivers maximum mobility and stretch. The centerpiece of this is the 1.5mm high-stretch back panel that goes all the way down to the insertion of the large and powerful latissimus dorsi muscles of the back. Coupled with a completely seamless shoulder construction, what you get is extraordinary flexibility and range of motion.
  • EasyOff Legs - A very stretchy 2mm stretch panel covers the entire back of the calf allowing for ultra fast leg removal. The Frequency is fast in the water and fast on the land.
  • Uncollar - Our new Uncollar will make you forget about uncomfortable and restrictive wetsuit collars. With its ultra-thin, Dual-sided constriction with just the right height, you will forget that the suit has a collar.
  • PT Buoyancy Panel - The PT Buoyancy panel puts the most 5mm neoprene where you need it the most around the hips. This lifts the hips in the water putting your body in the most powerful and hydrodynamic position possible.
  • DualSeal Zipper - Our unique hidden zipper design features an additional internal seal next to the skin to further reduce water entry.
  • SpeedCut Leg Openings - Our use of special 3mm neoprene panels in the lower leg allow for an easy on and easy off fit and quick transition times. The Tsunami is fast in the water and on the land.
  • Internal Owner ID patch - Don't loose your wetsuit! All Nineteen wetsuits come with a hidden interior name-tag space to write your name.
  • ElleSystem - A shape and fit specifically for women. Nineteen was the first wetsuit company to do this, and we continue to use the ElleSystem in all our women's wetsuits.
  • 5 year warranty - Quality of construction has been one of our highest priorities from day-one. We back our suits with an unparalleled five years warranty. The longest in the industry.