Orca Men's Equip Sleeveless Wetsuit

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The Orca Men's Equip Sleeveless is constructed from a unique 1mm Yamamoto SCS neoprene, with flatlock stitching construction, to provide an ultra-flexible long john wetsuit option. 

The 1mm Hydrocell SCS neoprene outer layer is combined with the world's most flexible 1mm SuperStretch neoprene inner layer, providing an extremely fast, comfortable and skin-like result.

The Orca Equip Men's Sleeveless Wetsuit is perfect for warmer water conditions, and for those transitioning from pool swimming to open water swimming competition.

Orca Men's Equip Sleeveless Wetsuit Features:

  • Ultra thin 1mm SCS neoprene and 1mm inner lining provides superior flexibility and comfort.
  • Perfect long john style option for those looking for unrestricted range of motion, or who find traditional wetsuits too restrictive.
  • Ideal for swimming in warmer water conditions and for training.