Orca Women's Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit

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The Orca Women's Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit offers a swim like you've never experienced before. You get amazing flexibility, fit and comfort from the Yamamoto #40 Cell neoprene, which has been shaped for maximum stretch across the wetsuit, while the Nano SCS coating generates increased speed and buoyancy.

At the heart of Orca Women's Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit unbelievable flexibility is the FreeStroke 3 System, which comprises of three unique 1.5mm panels, each designed to address a key area of the stroke phase. The seamless FreeWing panel runs from the lateral area, through the underarm and across the chest for incredible reach through the entry and catch phase of the stroke. During the pull-through phase of the stroke the FreeFlex back panel allows the trapezius and latissimus muscles to work unhindered, driving you through the water. The FreeFly arm panel is integral in limiting resistance on the deltoids, reducing the effort required in the recovery phase of the stroke. 

Meanwhile, what lies beneath is just as important. The 4 Way Free Stretch lining is constructed from a high stretch nylon, allowing the wetsuit to move dynamically with the wearer. 

The Orca Women's Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit - 2010 also features Orca's new AquaTread forearm panel. 3mm neoprene has been pressed into a tire tread-like surface, to grab at the water. The panel has also been molded to increase the water catchment area, increasing power with each stroke. 

5mm panels of Yamamoto's latest AeroDome neoprene have been placed on the front and rear of the torso, using hundreds of internally crafted air cavities to generate 30% more buoyancy. 

Balancing buoyancy with flexibility, the 3mm Core Xtension sector is used across the chest to allow for full body rotation and reach through each stroke. 

Orca Women's Alpha Full Sleeve Wetsuit Features:

  • Yamamoto #40 Cell neoprene provides ultimate wetsuit stretch and comfort
  • Unique shoulder and arm panels provide Orca's most flexible wetsuit ever
  • Latest Yamamoto Aerodome neoprene, pioneered in conjunction with Orca, provides buoyancy around the torso
  • Worn by the world's fastest triathlon swimmers