Power Grips Standard (295mm) with Hardware, Black

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Power Grips are the simple, easy way to increase your pedal power, without the locked in feel of clipless pedals and toe clips and straps. Power Grips' patented diagonally positioned, super comfortable pedal straps tighten and loosen with your natural foot motion. This makes entry and exit quick, easy and hands free! Unlike clipless systems, with Power Grips there's no need for expensive special shoes or pedals.

Power Grips are adjustable to fit different shoe sizes. Power Grips attach right to most metal cage pedals. If you have toe clips and straps on your bike just take them off and replace them with Power Grips.

We promise you'll never look back! You can choose from a variety of colored straps that attach to your existing pedals or choose from one of our convenient pedal kits with the straps already attached to a high quality pedal. Either way, Power Grips are simple and easy to install with no special tools required.