Pull Buoys

Pull Buoys or Pull Floats are used to isolate your upper body workout in the water. They help you to keep your legs buoyant and your body in the proper swim position while you practice your stroke and strengthen your arms. A classic training aid for any swimmer's equipement bag.

Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere Pull Float - 2018


The Aqua Sphere Pull Float is the perfect swim workout aid for helping to build upper body strength and improve form. Aqua Sphere Pull Float features: Maximizes upper body workout by immobilizing the legs Isolates arm motion to improve...

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TYR Pull Float - 2018


The TYR Pull Float is engineered for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. The perfect training aid for swimmers on all levels the TYR Pull Float increases resistance and weight in the water, to help develop upper body...

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TYR USA Pull Float - 2018


The USA Pull Float is the perfect tool for strength training and aquatic exercise routines of all levels. By isolating the legs and negating kicking, the training pull float helps swimmers develop upper body strength and concentrate on proper arm...

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