QR Men's Hydrofull Wetsuit

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The QR Men's Hydrofull Wetsuit - makes the high end suits from our competitors look over priced, and the QR Men's Hydrofull Wetsuit - is a better suit than the Superfull was three years ago. These innovations keep your suit feeling like a second skin that moves easily along with you.

The QR Men's Hydrofull Wetsuit - has the patented VPB just like the current Superfull. The shoulder and chest panels are made of Yamamoto Type 39 Neoprene to give you one of the highest ranges of motion possible. We've also improved durability of the suit by using tougher neoprene in the legs, an area that suffers more than others in the transition zone. 

Features for the QR Men's Hydrofull Wetsuit - include:

  • Refined fit
  • Neck gusset-internal gusset to prevent water flow into suit
  • Break away zipper-fastest exit system of any manufacturer
  • Larger QR quick release ankle-1.5 mm release ankle for faster removal after swim
  • Virtual Pull Buoy (VPB) gives the feeling of swimming downhill by improving body rotation in the water. VPB combines different thicknesses of material around the thighs to help maintain your rotation axis in the water
  • Double wall seam construction-sleeves and sides have stitched and glued border to prevent stress on the 1.5mm and 2mm panels
  • Type 39 Neoprene-chest, arms, and side panels offer more stretch than any other manufacturers top end suit
  • Improved durability-QR uses more durable jersey material in critical, high-stress areas
  • Seam bolts-located at critical joints to improve durability
  • Our Foot Release System and Breakaway Zipper allow for the fastest transition of any suit available.