QR Men's Ultrafull Wetsuit

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The QR Men's Ultrafull Wetsuit - makes all other entry-level triathlon wetsuits look amateur. All of our Ultra-level suits are made using Yamamoto rubber. We refuse to compromise your race day by using cheaper neoprene - Yamamoto is the world leader in triathlon neoprene, and you deserve no less.

We vary the thickness of the neoprene used in the suit to give it the perfect balance of buoyancy and flexibility. We use more different panels on the suit than any other manufacturer. The result is that you'll be amazed at the feel of this suit in the water. It keeps you up in the water and doesn't hinder your stroke. The QR Men's Ultrafull Wetsuit - has benefited from years of technical advancements in fit, comfort and material evolution. As our more advanced suits get improvements, our entry level suits benefit from those developments.

QR Men's Ultrafull Wetsuit - features include:

  • More size choices than any other manufacturer-critical for entry level suits
  • Breakaway zipper-fastest exit system of any manufacturer
  • Larger QR quick release ankle-1.5 mm release ankle for faster removal after swim -the combination of the Breakaway Zipper with the large Quick release ankle allow for very fast transitions
  • SCS Neoprene-optimal combination of durability and flexibility
  • Seam bolts-located at critical joints to improve durability