Race Day Gear


2XU Run Cap - 2018


This best-selling 2XU Run Cap is incredibly breathable and light weight to keep the wearer cool while on the move. An adjustable strap offers a premium fit and comfort, while side vents provide maximum air flow. Boasting a range of colors, in 100% Nylon...

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Body Glide

BodyGlide For Her .80 oz - 2018


We've taken the original BodyGlide and re-formulated it with aloe, vitamin E and vitamin F Forte for smoother hydrated skin, ideal for women. This Anti-Blister stick is smooth and natural (uses plant derived ingredients) and will prevent chafing, stop...

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Castelli Chamois Dry Lube - 2018


CHAMOIS DRY LUBE Moist skin is softer and more susceptible to abrasion, as any rider who has done a long race in the rain can attest. Our dry lube reduces friction without weakening the skin through moisturizers. We also use 100% natural tea tree oil...

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De Soto

DeSoto Arm Coolers - 2018


Made from Skin Cooler 90™ an improved version of Skin Cooler SDS™.  It still has the same silky cold sensation and offers the same sun protection, it is now more durable and more aerodynamic. Another De Soto Original. We invented...

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De Soto

DeSoto Coolwings - 2018


A cyclist’s Bolero style top.  Keep yourself cool and protect yourself from the sun with this De Soto Innovation. FEATURES: Made of Skin Cooler 90™ Stretch fabric that blocks 90% UVB rays, breathable, while keeping you cooler...

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De Soto

DeSoto Race Number Belt - 2018


Never loose a snap, button, or cord lock again because there are none! Hold your race number on with these new “locking mini-clipboard” attachments that never get lost. The support for each buckle has little loops where you can carry gel...

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