Sidi Tarus Road Cycling Shoe - 2015

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Entry-level goes high end with this 3-strap shoe that goes well beyond the basics. Built on SIDI’s world renowned last/foot form, for perfect fit that surrounds your foot with SIDI’s most ventilated upper and the incredibly supportive Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®, for superior drive and power.

The Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole® features injected carbon fiber in a matrix of Nylon 6, providing 37% more rigidity than a standard nylon sole. The Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole® is also more durable, completely non water-absorbent and mechanically stable, meaning it’s less susceptible to changes in stiffness resulting from aging, prolonged usage, and changes in temperature or humidity. An anti-slip toe insert and replaceable polyurethane heel pad are incorporated into the Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®, for walkability. The Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole® uses a standard 3-hole drilling pattern for compatibility with the best pedal systems available, and includes a printed 10 mm lateral and fore/aft cleat alignment scale on the sole as well as the Look Memory Eyelet® for easy cleat alignment and replacement.

  • All NEW super-ventilated upper—the most mesh venting of any shoe in SIDI’s 2013 lineup
  • Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®
  • 3-Velcro® straps for tuneable, perfect fit across the foot and easy on-bike adjustment
  • Thickly padded tongue eliminates pressure points
  • External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer that doesn't break down over time

Compatibility: Look, Speedplay, Dura-Ace, Time and SPD-SL