Speedo Men's FSII Zip Front Tri Tank Top

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Fastskin FSII, the most advanced and lowest drag racing swimwear in the world to date, is now available for multisport activities. Fastskin FSII is a hybrid of two highly specialized Speedo - exclusive fabrics, Fastskin and Flexskin, to accommodate different flow characteristics across the body and reduce drag through the water, up to 4% decrease compared to original. Fastskin fabric mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag in key areas and features a Turbulence Management System.   Greater stretch for better fit and movement. Thread feels softer against the skin.

  • Since the Speedo Aqualab introduced Fastskin FSII, competitors have be left in its wake.
  • The FSII has been the fastest speedsuit at the Athens Olympics, the Montreal and Shanghai FINA World Championships, the National Championships ... and for the first time, won Winter Olympic medals in Torino.
  • In development, we collaborated not only with the world's top swimmers and coaches but the foremost experts in the fields of physiology, bio-mechanics, and computational fluid dynamics.
  • By examining how water flows around a body in motion, we found a hybrid of two exclusive fabrics, Fastskin and Flexskin, that reduces drag and maximizes performance.