Spinervals 34.0 Super High Intensity Training!

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DVD - All Regions
Duration: 55 Minutes
Intensity: 9.8 
Purpose: Improve your Lactate Threshold and Power!

Stick to the basics for results! Super High Intensity Training is the 'meat and potatoes' of interval training for performance cycling. In this workout led by Coach Troy and featuring the elite athletes from the Gear West Triathlon Team and others from the Minnesota Cycling and Multisport community, you'll go through a progressive series of sets focused on building your lactate threshold to the next level for faster cycling times at your next race. Train with your power meter or heart rate monitor as the coach guides you and the other athletes through tolerable levels of discomfort in this 'meat and potatoes' workout until the very end of the session. You WILL get stronger and faster on the bike if you use this exciting and effective workout on one of your high quality training days!