Spinervals Competition Series 44.0 - On the Limit DVD

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Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the trainer! Suffer like you've never suffered before!

Join Coach Troy in this 3-hour compilation of extreme interval, threshold and strength sets from Spinervals 30.0 through 41.0.

This workout is designed for the serious athlete wanting to understand pacing at higher levels of endurance performance. Find your breaking point as you are challenged to work the high end of your aerobic zone while dancing dangerously over the edge tapping into anaerobic power. As you survive each grueling set you will learn exactly when to back off before it's too late. And should you survive, you will be stronger!

Live on the edge where aerobic endurance collides with anaerobic power! Find your Limit!

  • Intensity: 10.0
  • Duration: 3 hours