Spinervals Ultra Conditioning 3.0 - Ultra Full Body with Iron Girl

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Combining a Tempo Cycling Focus with Full Body Strength & Conditioning Spinervals UltraConditioning 3.0 - "Ultra Full Body with IronGirl" will strengthen each and every muscle in your entire body while also incorporating 'tempo' intervals on the bike designed to enhance your aerobic energy system and burn maximum calories. Join Coach Troy and an all-female cast of cyclists and multisport athletes for this super effective and fun workout! Overlooking the Baltimore Inner Harbor and taped on the rooftop of the Maryland Science Center, "Ultra Full Body" will challenge even the most conditioned athlete as you do 'tempo' sets on the bike followed immediately by strength and conditioning exercises for the upper body, core and lower body. This workout can be used as an alternative to any traditional 'gym based' strength training routine and is designed to be completed at your own pace. WORKOUT OVERVIEW This workout contains about 60% of Cycling Focus and 40% of Strength Training Focus. Accessories used in this workout include: Physio Ball, Dumbells, Workout Mat Length: 65 Minutes Difficulty level: 9.1