Torhans Aero 20 Hydration Water Bottle 20oz

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The Aero20 is the most aerodynamic aero-bar mounted, hydration system on the market today. With its 20 oz capacity high aspect ratio bottle design, dual-channel mounting system, patent pending AeroFlow straw and XFlow fill-on-the-go cap, this bottle will keep you fast and hydrated without ever coming out of your aero position.
  • Features a high aspect ratio, airfoil design from bottom to top of the Aero mast
  • Designed to match the head tube of most time trial and triathlon bicycles available today
  • BPA free
  • Includes: 
    - 20oz Aero bottle (650ml) 
    - AeroFlow straw housing and straw 
    - XFlow fill-on-the-go cap and the No-Splash cap
  • Mounting system sold separately