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First Strokes shows all four competitive strokes, demonstrated by young swimmers. Four novices illustrate the stroke characteristics of first-year swimmers. Six more-seasoned swimmers show how skills evolve with one or more years of coaching and practice. When you know the essential skills those every swimmer should learn first you can progress with startling speed. We show each key skill and every revealing detail above- and below-water, with slow-motion and comparison video. First Strokes illustrates and explains: Skill One Cooperate with Gravity: Use don't fight gravity to achieve support, comfort, control and confidence. Skill Two Laser Beam Forward: When you keep head and spine aligned, you gain control and can make your movements more effective. Skill Three Extend your Bodyline: Complete extension of the bodyline in every cycle of every stroke, to increase efficiency and save energy. Skill Four Seamless Breathing: Breathing the right way not only gets oxygen to your muscles; it also makes your stroke more powerful and effective.