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Triathlon is a sport comprised of three sports - swimming, biking, and running. It is for those individuals that one sport just isn't enough. We are proud to offer a fantastic selection of triathlon wetsuits, triathlon clothing, and triathlon gear that will help you train and race to your fullest potential. It doesn't matter if you are new to the world of triathlon or a seasoned racer - Triathlete Sports carries triathlon equipment at every level and price point.

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    DeSoto Men's Forza ITU Trisuit DeSoto Men's Forza ITU Trisuit - Back

    DeSoto Men's Forza ITU Trisuit - 2017

    This stunning trisuit is made of a combination of Carrera Skin and Forza Compressor.  It has a 12-inch YKK zipper in back, as specified by ITU rules (zippers can no longer be in front).  It is constructed with panels that will accomodate all...

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