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In this digital age technology can give you a competitive edge in sports. For many years there have been lap counting run watches and simple cycling computers perfect for timing and cadence. Now there are electronic computers and watches that have been fine tuned for the multi sport athlete. Triathlon watches are made specifically to function both on land and in the water. Garmin has even made triathlon specific swim and heart rate monitors. Knowing your heart rate is valuable information. It allows you to workout at an optimal level that is sustainable over longer intervals of time. Knowing your heart rate can also help you to workout at a level that is ideal for burning calories and fat. GPS technology has enabled athletes to know precise distances and track their routes. Many devices now include altimeters for elevation data. Improve your training technology and techniques by purchasing a triathlon watch or computer today!

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  • XLab Space Saver Computer Mount XLab Space Saver Computer Mount - Installed

    XLab Space Saver Computer Mount - 2021

    Tuck straw on either side for best aerodynamics. Fits on TORPEDO SYSTEM 100, TORPEDO SYSTEM 400 & REFILL UPGRADE KIT BOTTLES. Compatible with most computers, including large screens. Weight: 18.5 grams

  • XLab Aero Computer Bike Mount XLab Aero Computer Bike Mount - Installed

    XLab Aero Computer Bike Mount - 2021

    Helps reduce drag from a computer mount with one that was designed with aerodynamics in mind. Aerodynamically designed and longer to support larger computers. Mount in front of TORPEDOTM SYSTEM for optimum viewing. Mount on stem when using non-XLAB...

3 of 3 Items