TYR Men's Zipper Back Short John

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TYR Men's Zipper Back Short John Trisuit uses carbon technology. Carbon is the sci-fi textile we've been dreaming of and working on for years. It possesses characteristics that are highly advantageous for triathletes - impacting body temperature, breathing, heartrate and lactic acid concentrations. The effects of Carbon have been documented by master researcher, Dr. Davide Susta, Scientific Director of the Training Development Center in Lake Como, Italy. Carbon is a must have gear for the serious triathlete.

  • 12" Zipper w/ removable clip lanyard
  • Silicone beaded leg gripper
  • Supernaturally fast drying - even before you're out of the water in transition.
  • Its moisture wicking capacity outclasses everything else
  • Carbon's "cooling" capacities lower body temperature
  • Provides SPF/UV Protection of 50
  • Exceptionally strong flat-lock seams
  • Superior multi-directional stretch capacity
  • Remains effective over time and repeat washings
  • Can help lower your heart rate, reduce your respiration and decrease lactic acid build-up
  • Does not have a Chamois