TYR Remix Switchkit Goggles

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TYR Remix Switchkit Goggles are an incredible deal. Purchase one set and you will have two goggle options. Offers an interchangeable lens system for varying light conditions and styles. Parts come with a soft carrying pouch that doubles as a lens wipe. Varied tensile strength head strap provides a secure and comfortable fit. Wide peripheral lenses with anti-fog options for a secure fit. Silicone gaskets offer a super comfortable fit and maintain their original shape over time. These goggles are a great purchase for swimmers who swim in varying light conditions or open water swimming. Wear the darker lens option on sunny days and the lighter lens option on cloudy days for optimum visual capabilities.

  • Supernova comes with blue mirrored lenses and blue non-mirrored lenses
  • Eclipse comes with silver mirrored lenses and clear lenses
  • Infrared comes with red lenses and tinted lenses
  • Storm comes with blue lenses and red lenses