TYR Women's Hurricane Freak Of Nature Wetsuit - 2016

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LIMITS WILL FALL - We believe in the power of technology to enable triathletes to achieve their full potential. In our storied history of technological firsts, the Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit is our most advanced accomplishment.

The Hurricane Freak of Nature is a wetsuit conceived and engineered free of restraints and presumptions. We threw away everything that has limited the wetsuit in the past. We simply focused on the outer reaches of what might be possible - and then went a little farther. Then we tested and refined repeatedly, until we knew we had something incredible.

The Hurricane Freak of Nature will allow you to see just how much your training and your will can accomplish in the water. Welcome to a new possibility of peak performance.

  • The only suit in the world made of 100% 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto neoprene: Despite its remarkable stretch-and-return capacity, the feel of 40-cell Nano SCS Yamamoto is unlike anything else - incomparably soft and pliant.
  • Industry leading stretch capacity: Defying comparison to any other wetsuit material, 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto stretches to over 7X its static state.
  • Less resistance. More Speed.: Nano SCS coated rubber confers an exceptional friction coefficient of 0.026, far lower than any other wetsuit rubber. As well, its buoyancy qualities are extraordinary.
  • Superior Body Position: Key to the overwhelming advantages granted to the athlete by the Hurricane Freak of Nature are the Elevation Panels, which help you establish the perfect body position relative to the surface of the water. When testing the suit, Andy Potts described the Elevation Panels of the Hurricane Freak of Nature is "otherworldly effective".
  • Force Maximization: The Hurricane Freak of Nature is armed with our new V-GCP, which flatten the forearm for the most advantageous engagement, maximizing your effort. You WILL FEEL noticeably more distance per stroke.
  • Comes with storage case.