Triathlete Sports offers the best wetsuits for open water swimming available and some of the best prices on the market. Whether you’re looking for a full sleeve wetsuit for improved hydrodynamics or a sleeveless wetsuit for more shoulder flexibility, you can find it here. We offer swim performance wetsuits by 2XU, AquaSphere, Blue Seventy, DeSoto, Orca, TYR, Zoot and more, so we carry a wetsuit design and fit for every swim level. If you’re looking for a slender cut wetsuit or one designed for broader shouldered athletes, we have you covered.

We offer a great selection of open water swim wetsuits; from entry level wetsuits that are designed for those swimmers that are doing their first open water swim, to the most flexible, buoyant, high-tech wetsuits for those serious swimmers that are looking to upgrade their gear. No matter what you’re experience level is, Triathlete Sports has a swim wetsuit that is perfect for you.


Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit

$649.99 $259.99

Always a favorite, the Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit received rave reviews making a revolutionary impact on the tri wetsuit market. Based on feedback from athletes around the world, the Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit has been updated yet again...

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