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Sports bras are an extremely important component to any women's triathlon clothing. It is important to find a bra that will provide enough support for your bust size, while managing moisture and of course making you look good! Here at Triathlete Sports we have a large selection of sports bras that were made specifically with triathlon in mind. They can be worn in the water during the swim portion of the race and have quick drying properties so that you'll be comfortable on the bike and run. Make sure to get a bra with a strap width that is corresponding to your bust size. A general rule is the wider the strap the more support the bra will provide.

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    2XU Women's Perform Tri Crop 2XU Women's Perform Tri Crop 2XU Women's Perform Tri Crop - Back

    2XU Women's Perform Crop Tri Top - 2019

    Re-engineered in accordance with RMIT University’s latest research, the Perform Tri Crop delivers the advanced cooling and ventilation technologies required to conquer the rigors of triathlon. The Italian SBR VENT fabric is designed...

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