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Full Sleeved Women's Triathlon Wetsuits

Full sleeved triathlon wetsuits offer the maximum buoyancy and warmth for your racing needs. Triathlon wetsuits range in thickness from 1mm to 5mm and most suits have different panels with varying thickness. The thickest neoprene is located in the core body of the wetsuit. It provides the most buoyancy to the torso and hips, helping to align your body with the surface of the water, eliminating drag and increasing the efficiency of your stroke. The thinner panels of neoprene are located in the joints for less restriction of movement. Shoulder flexibility is of utmost importance in a full sleeved triathlon wetsuit. 

Many full sleeved triathlon wetsuits offer catch panels. A catch panel is a textured panel on the arm of the suit which aids in propulsion during the pull phase of your swim stroke. It is one of the added benefits of purchasing a wetsuit with sleeves. 

Triathlete Sports carries a large compilation of women specific full sleeved triathlon wetsuits to meet every triathletes needs. 

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